Scavenger Hunt Extra Credit Opportunity

As we discussed last class, here are the 20 contractual clauses for you to find. You will receive 1 point for each legitimate clause found–no repeats please. While (after deliberation) the contracts may indeed be found online, they must not be samples, templates, etc. They must be actual contracts between two or more parties with signatures on them. On each contract, clearly denote by name the clause you believe you have found. Here is the list:

  1. Integration clause
  2. Severability clause
  3. Governing/choice of law
  4. Venue/jurisdiction
  5. Price
  6. Duration/term
  7. Termination
  8. Arbitration
  9. Liquidated damages
  10. Attorney’s fees
  11. Release/waiver/hold harmless
  12. Warranties
  13. Confidentiality
  14. Trade secrets/proprietary material
  15. Notice
  16. Non-assignment/non-delegation
  17. Non-compete
  18. Originals/counterparts
  19. Third Party Beneficiaries
  20. Successor

This extra credit will be due at the beginning of class on the day of the Final (September 11th).

Happy Hunting,


Assignment #1

Please remember that you can still work on and submit Assignment #1, even if you have already turned it in. It is due by Wednesday’s class. It is a very badly worded contract. Get your hands dirty. Wrestle with it, eliminate the non-sense and make it work for you. Good luck.



I’m in a late deposition tonight. Assignment #1 is now due next week and the Midterm will be in two weeks.

Paying Attention? (July 20th 2015)

I hope you have enjoyed the first couple of weeks of the course. So far, so good. I look forward to keeping you on your toes and getting to know those of you that I have yet to engage in conversation. In the mean time and as heavily hinted in class, here is an easy two-point extra credit opportunity for you.

Please type and turn in to me, at the beginning of Wednesday’s class, the answer to the following question:

What are the six elements of a legally-binding contract as mentioned in the first 2 classes of this course? Please simply list the elements; do not elaborate. Remember, this assignment will only be accepted at the beginning of this class (July 22nd) and must be typed.


Welcome (posted June 11th 2015)

Hello everyone and thank you for checking the website. I am very much looking forward to teaching this course again and seeing some new (as well as a few returning) faces.

The syllabus for the course is posted under the “Documents and Resources” tab on this site. Print it out for yourself at your convenience and bring it to the first week of class. Also, there is a reading assignment to be completed for the first class meeting–see the “Assignments” tab. Lastly, please make sure to download the first few PowerPoints for the first class as this should facilitate your note-taking.

Please obtain a copy of our text, Basic Contract Law for Paralegals – Jeffrey A. Helewitz (seventh edition), Aspen Publishers. If price is a consideration, you may want to rent the text rather than purchase it. Try the UCI bookstore, Amazon or a site like

I hope you enjoy the course and will see you on Wednesday, July 8th.

All the best,

Your Benevolent Instructor