Dear Students,

This site is intended for your benefit. Here, you will find resources related to your current courses and, potentially, other courses in which you may have an interest. Beyond course materials such as syllabi, handouts, and announcements, you will also discover a host of research and reference items which you may find useful in your academic and professional lives.

The materials are organized by field of study including torts, contracts, civil litigation, educational law, employment law, and admiralty law. Links are provided to associations, publications, companies, and governmental agencies.

Most importantly, this site–as our courses in general–is meant to be dynamic. I will keep it fairly regularly updated and will use it exclusively for all course purposes and also as an interactive forum for course projects and discussions. Should you have any materials that you believe may be helpful to other students, I encourage you to send them to me. You may also contact me through this site with your course questions or ideas.

All the best,

Michaël Fischer