Last Extra Credit (9/9/19)

As a final opportunity to get a couple of free points (2), please email me the answer to this question before 6:30 on Wednesday of the Final:

Name the fictional company Lauren and I created in class — hint: it dealt with a canine toy.

Good luck on the Final.


Scavenger Hunt (8/22/19)
As we discussed last class, here are 20 contractual clauses for you to find. You will receive 1 point for each legitimate clause found–no repeats please. While the contracts may be found online, they must not be samples or templates; they must be actual contracts between two or more parties. On each contract, clearly denote by name the clause you believe you have found. Here is the list:

1. Integration clause
2. Severability clause
3. Governing/choice of law
4. Venue/jurisdiction
5. Price
6. Duration/term
7. Termination
8. Arbitration
9. Liquidated damages
10. Attorney’s fees
11. Release/waiver/hold harmless
12. Warranties
13. Confidentiality
14. Trade secrets/proprietary material
15. Notice
16. Non-assignment/non-delegation
17. Non-compete
18. Originals/counterparts
19. Third party beneficiaries
20. Joint drafting/no ambiguities

This extra credit will be due electronically by the beginning of class on Week 9.


Assignment #2 (8/21/19)

Your Assignment #2 will be assigned on 8/28 and will be due the following week.


Your Midterm Is Now Live on the Documents and Resources Page! (8/14/19)

Easy Extra Credit (7/31/19)

Good job checking the website before driving out to class. Please email me before the beginning of class tonight a list of the elements of a legally enforceable contract as presented in this course ( No summary or definitions, just the elements. 1 extra credit point per correct element!


No Class on 7/18

As a reminder, we will not meet this Wednesday the 17th. I will see you all next week.


Welcome (7/3/2019)
Hello everyone and thank you for checking the website. I am very much looking forward to teaching this course again and seeing some new (as well as a few returning) faces.

The syllabus for the course is posted under the “Documents and Resources” tab on this site. Print it out for yourself at your convenience. Also, please make sure to download the PowerPoints to bring to class each week as this should facilitate your note-taking.

Please obtain a copy of our text, Basic Contract Law for Paralegals – Jeffrey A. Helewitz, Aspen Publishers. If price is a consideration, you may want to rent the text rather than purchase it.

I hope you enjoy the course and will see you in class.

All the best,

Your Benevolent Instructor