Thank You (9/10/17)

I have completed grading your Finals and am almost done with your Assignment 2’s (which were much better than the first). Grades will be posted some time early this week. Thank you all for making this an enjoyable course to teach. I was happy to see many of you at the after-final activity and I hope to see you in another course down the road.


Almost Done (9/1/17)

I hope everyone is studying hard for the Final and is completing Assignment #2. We are just about done. I have graded all of your extra credit work and see no reason why you could not all pull an A in the course with a good showing on the Final. Please remember to notify me right away if you want to take that deal whereby I’ve offered to drop your Midterm grade.


Late Start (8/25/17)

Due to an engagement on my side, we will start at 7:30pm on Wednesday the 30th. The class will still end by 9:00 and the materials covered will be the remainder of that exciting UCC as well as review for the Final.


Monster Extra Credit (8/23/17)

As we discussed last class, here are the 20 contractual clauses for you to find. You will receive 1 point for each legitimate clause found–no repeats of the same clause please.  These must be found in actual contracts between two or more parties. On each contract, clearly denote by name the clause you believe you have found. Here is the list:

1. Integration clause
2. Severability clause
3. Governing/choice of law
4. Venue/jurisdiction
5. Price
6. Duration/term
7. Termination
8. Arbitration
9. Liquidated damages
10. Attorney’s fees
11. Release/waiver/hold harmless
12. Warranties
13. Confidentiality
14. Trade secrets/proprietary material
15. Notice
16. Non-assignment/non-delegation
17. Non-compete
18. Originals/counterparts
19. Third Party Beneficiaries
20. Successors
This extra credit will be due next week. Please ask me any questions tonight.


Midterms (8/14/17)

All are graded. 7 A’s, 6 B’s, and 7 C’s. 2 high scores of 49/50 (showoffs!). I’m still tackling the Assignment 1’s. See you Wednesday.


You Know Who You Are (7/30/17)

Don’t do it! This is a horrible time to start a new house project or to begin binge-watching Orange Is the New Black. That assignment isn’t going to get easier on Tuesday night. In fact, it will be a nightmare. Off the couch you go and get to it.


Assignment #1 and Extra Credit (7/23/17)

As a reminder, assignment #1 is due on the same day as the Midterm, August 2nd. I am updating the Assignments page to bring us up to date. Separately, for a beguilingly easy 2 points of extra credit, please type (no handwritten responses accepted) the 6 elements of a legally-enforceable contract and turn it personally or via email by the beginning of class on July 26th.


August 9th (7/19/17)

There will be no class on August 9th.

Syllabus (7/8/17)

The Syllabus has now been updated and is in the Documents and Resources Section. See you Wednesday.


Welcome (7/5/2017)

Hello everyone and thank you for checking the website. I am very much looking forward to teaching this course again and seeing some new (as well as a few returning) faces.
The syllabus for the course is posted under the “Documents and Resources” tab on this site. Print it out for yourself at your convenience. Also, please make sure to download the PowerPoints to bring to class each week as this should facilitate your note-taking.
Please obtain a copy of our text, Basic Contract Law for Paralegals – Jeffrey A. Helewitz (eighth edition), Aspen Publishers. If price is a consideration, you may want to rent the text rather than purchase it.

I hope you enjoy the course and will see you tonight.

All the best,
Your Benevolent Instructor